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Merry Christmas!

This post is specially dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Janice Goh.

I know, I am the greatest procrastinator of all time! It took me ages to register this blog and forever to post up anything=( nevertheless on this wonderful Christmas Eve, in order to please Her Majesty, I’m going to write something…

First up, I just wanna say that i miss all of you back home! Although I’m not physically there but my heart is still with you all! Christmas away from home is never the same sigh!!

secondly, Jon and Su Ann will be visiting Manchester for a couple of days and i’m gonna be a tour guide again (not complaining though, it’s a pleasure) haha, will be meeting them in an hours time so I’ve gotta get ready!

Okay, will update soon i hope, till then….

Signing off,

Princess Aileen (Queen Janice is my mummy) ;p



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