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Password Protected Posts

Hey all,

The reason i moved to wordpress is because it provides me the option to password protect certain posts that don’t feel comfortable sharing it in public. For the post below, it is something quite personal to me and i would prefer it to only be read by close christian friends. I hope you all understand. And no, its not about menyokong/menentang penggunaan nama Allah ok. =.=

In the future, do leave me a comment and I’ll email you the password ya.;)


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Protected: Malachi 3:10

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hello!! Happy new year everyone.=)

I just realised that i haven made any resolution this year because i never keep it. lol

Exams coming up in a weeks time and i really have to put a stop to the pig-ish lifestyle i ve been living the past week!

In the meantime, visit  Nichelle’s blog for updates during the Christmas holidays.



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